Car Stuff : 1991 Nissan 300ZX 2+2

This was my 91 300zx 2+2. I loved this car. I had installed a K&N cone intake filter, a Jim Wolf ECU upgrade, a HKS ALC, rear sway bar from a 300ZX twin turbo, polyurethene sway bar bushings, and some new exhaust.

This group of photos were taken on the 23rd of March 2002 at the Z Fiesta 2002 Car Show. My car won 3rd place in the 84-96 Daily Driver category.
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These photos were taken the weekend of Jan. the 25th 2002.
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These were taken the first week of Janurary 2002.

I know that the rear rims are on wrong in the photos below.
I have put them on the right way since this photo was shot.
No, thats not my house.